Fast Lane's
Code of Conduct

The Fast Lane Group measures its behavior not only in terms of economic performance, goals and successes. It's also about how we behave toward each other and the world around us. We strive to be a trusted partner—to our customers and colleagues, to our business partners and the communities in which we operate.

Our values

The Fast Lane Group is committed to a Code of Conduct that lays the foundation of our corporate culture and represents our principles.


The freedom of each individual is a fundamental human right. Compliance with this principle is therefore of utmost importance. Thus, Fast Lane Group never accepts actions such as children or forced labor. In addition to the free development of every human being, this also includes freedom in economic decisions and therefore also stands for a fair and transparent market economy. The Fast Lane Group thus condemns corruption and bribery as well as other unethical or illegal behavior.


The Fast Lane Group knows that many problems exist that are not being addressed and are being ignored. To improve the situation, we want to encourage to stand up and speak out. This attitude should also be supported and accepted by every employee in the company. We want continuous improvement and will therefore listen and not ignore issues as a company.


To underline the importance of the issues, the company is committed to adhering to certain principles. The implementation also includes the commitment of employees. Fast Lane also expects suppliers/contractors and other parties with whom it has a working relationship to accept and comply with the code of conduct outlined.


As an international company, Fast Lane Group believes it has a responsibility to address the issues presented here and to commit to certain principles. The company is responsible for its actions and those of its employees to a certain extent and is willing to accept this accountability. As a global acting company, it is our responsibility not to act recklessly and to respect human rights and internationally recognized social and environmental norms and standards.

Ethical principles and guidelines

Every action of a company has an impact on the environment and society. For this reason, the Fast Lane Group sees three major areas where important principles must be applied in order to make a significant contribution.


Social interactions are part of our daily routine. We talk to our colleagues and customers all over the world every day and interact with different cultures and different personalities. It is important to us that we get along well and that diversity is always seen as an enrichment.

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Business relationships with our partners and customers are essential for the Fast Lane Group. For this reason, the company has issued clear guidelines on how these should be structured. The company's goal is to create a basis for sustainable business relationships characterized by mutual trust.

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Sustainability is becoming more significant every day. The Fast Lane Group believes it has a responsibility to protect the environment so that future generations have the same opportunities as we do. Discover what measures and projects the Fast Lane Group is taking to protect the environment.

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